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Brazil Old Facebook Accounts – Limit 25 – 50$

Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $15.99.

After we receive the payment, you will receive your details within 12h max via email, but usually less if we aren’t asleep.


Please always check your spam before emailing us about not having received your product, as some of our emails have ended up the in spam box in the past.

Old Brazilian national facebook account, daily spending limit 25 – 50$
Random friends, Account works on any country and IP, no need to use proxy


Within 24 hours from the time the facebook account is purchased on the system, the customer is entitled to the warranty in the following cases:
1. First time login failed (Wrong UID, wrong password, wrong 2FA code)
2. Account with pre-restricted ads (Cannot create Camp, Add BM)
3. Account has been disabled personal ad account before


Within 24 hours since Link BM is purchased on the system, customers have the right to be warranted in the following cases:
1. Invite Link to receive BM cannot be accessed (Link error, Link expired)
2. BM is restricted from advertising (BM die – Unable to create ad account)
3. BM has ad account disabled (BM live – Die ad account)
(*) For Business Verification BM: Warranty 1 to 1 if the green is missing within 3 days from the date of purchase of the BM on the system (This term is accepted if the BM is not violated the terms party item disclaimer of warranty)


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