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Sonarworks: SoundID Reference

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $60.99.


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Sonarworks SoundID Reference Features:

  • Calibrates your speakers and headphones to ensure consistent, accurate monitoring
  • Delivers a ruler-flat response across all audible frequencies
  • Speaker calibration process typically takes less than 20 minutes (calibration microphone sold separately)
  • 280 ready-to-use headphone profiles for instant headphones calibration
  • Permits you to make custom, on-the-fly curve adjustments to your profiles
  • Save unlimited profiles for seamlessly moving between different speakers, headphones, and rooms
  • Audition your mixes on more than 20 different simulated devices without leaving your workstation
  • 3 filter modes: zero latency, mixed, and linear phase
  • Extra DSP processing controls: mono, dry/wet, and safe headroom
  • MIDI mapping for various parameters
  • User presets for switching between predefined output devices/channel pair combinations
  • Includes both DAW plug-in and standalone desktop application components


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