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Studio One 5 Artist

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Simplified audio production workflow From the moment you open Studio One 5 Artist, you’re ready to get to work. The Start Page greets you with everything you need to get rolling. That’s where you’ll find all your songs as well as all the personalized information and settings you’ll use from project to project. From there, you go to the Song Page. The Song Page gives you instant, drag-and-drop access to the tools you need to record, edit, produce, and mix your tracks. There’s a complete suite of virtual instruments and plug-in processors waiting for you, and accessing everything from audio loops to entire preset channels is just a swipe of a mouse away. By the time you know it, you’ll have recorded your tracks with your favorite audio interface, processed and edited them to perfection, and mixed it all into a polished piece.

Under-the-hood optimization for performance One of the things that PreSonus has always understood is that not everyone lives at the top of the market. In many cases, stepping up to the latest version of a DAW means either upgrading your computer or limping along with an underpowered system that simply doesn’t perform as you’d have anticipated. One of the reasons Sweetwater is so quick to recommend Studio One is that PreSonus puts a ton of work into keeping the code light and efficient. That means you don’t need to have the latest machine (or even second-to-latest machine) to get everything you need out of Studio One 5 Artist.

What’s new in Studio One 5 Both Studio One 5 Artist and Studio One 5 Professional include a number of excellent updates that keep this DAW at the top of its class. For starters, there’s the redesigned Native Effects plug-in suite. This bundle of PreSonus’s staple effects and processing plug-ins features a refreshed look and compelling upgrades, most notably State Space Modeled drive stages for the Analog Delay, Rotor, and Tricomp plug-ins. Instead of relying on compressor/limiter plug-ins, you can now use Clip Gain Envelopes to correct volumes on a clip-by-clip basis. Aux Channels let you patch in external sources (returns), without the need for an audio track. Finally, Key Switches and Note Controllers support opens up more advanced MIDI performance and programming possibilities.

New to Studio One 5 Artist Historically, Studio One Artist has been somewhat limited in its capacity beyond its own processing capability. In version five, PreSonus decided to up the ante with some essential expansion options. Now you can use third-party software with your Studio One 5 Artist setup, including VST and AU plug-ins, as well as apps that send audio and MIDI via ReWire. But the addition to Studio One 5 Artist engineers here at Sweetwater appreciate the most is PreSonus’s Studio One Remote app support. This app lets you control your DAW when you aren’t at your desk — something that’s super-handy when you’re recording vocals or parked in front of your amp. Finally, now that it’s upgraded for 64-bit floating-point WAV encoding, Studio One 5 Artist lets you get the most out of your modern audio interface and OS.

PreSonus Studio One 5 Artist DAW Software Features:
Easy-to-use, value-packed DAW software
Simple 1-window environment with drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support offers intuitive workflow
Create and produce music with unlimited audio and instrument tracks, buses, and effects channels
Aux Channels let you easily integrate external hardware
Craft entire songs from sections via the Arranger track
Loaded with 5 impressive virtual instruments: Impact XT multichannel drum sampler, Presence XT sample player with 14GB sound library, Mai Tai polyphonic analog modeling synth, Mojito monophonic subtractive synth, and Sample One XT sampler
Loaded with 32 Native Effects, including ProEQ2 and Analog Delay
Patterns emulate the workflow of traditional hardware step sequencers
Add your own third-party VST and AU plug-in effects, processors, and virtual instruments
ReWire support lets you integrate audio and MIDI from compatible apps
Includes 7GB of royalty-free loops and content
Get the most out of your computer and audio interface with 64-bit support and up to 384kHz resolution
Export tracks to SoundCloud and enjoy other integrated services such as PreSonus Shop and PreSonus Exchange
Studio One Remote app support lets you control your sessions when you aren’t at your desk
Use Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, and Logic shortcuts or create your own
Compatible with ASIO-, Windows Audio–, and Core Audio–compliant audio interfaces

The workflow you want Studio One’s fluid single-screen workflow, creative composition tools, and powerful instruments and effects make it the ideal DAW for getting ideas down and seeing them through, the way you want to.

Drag-and-drop anything Audio loops, virtual instruments, plugin effects, and even presets can all be dragged into your session from Studio One’s innovative Browser. Drag-and-drop to copy FX Chains from one channel to another, or convert MIDI to audio or audio to MIDI. Ease of use is at the heart of Studio One, so you’ll work faster than ever before

Intelligent chord detection Studio One detects chords in your audio or MIDI tracks and extracts them, then determines the possible chord progressions. Substitute complex chords for simple chords or vice versa. Or, have old parts follow a new chord structure.

Perform with Show Page New in Version 5, the Show Page lets you add backing tracks, virtual instruments, and plugin effects to your live instruments with an easy-to-use Setlist feature. Sculpt your performance and change your show each night or do a quick edit on the fly when inspiration strikes.

Intuitively make beats Impact XT is part drum machine, part polyrhythmic playground, and goes beyond any traditional rhythm sequencer setup. Its performance and composition-oriented features, like real-time loop stretching, choke groups, beat quantization, and seamless integration with Patterns, make building complex, evolving beats both easy and enthralling.

Fine-tune with Melodyne 5 Studio One Professional now includes Melodyne Essentials 5, an industry-leading pitch-correction plugin. It’s fully integrated with the DAW so you can quickly tune vocals, detect chords, and get pro-level pitch-correction without transferring audio or opening a separate plugin.

Made for making music

Score View Enter, view, and edit notes using standard music notation, powered by PreSonus’ Notion software.

Unlimited Tracks Studio One doesn’t limit your creativity with a track or bus limit. Use 34 tracks for kicks, just for kicks.

Plays Well with Others Studio One uses AAF for easy file import and export. Open projects and use keyboard shortcuts from Pro Tools, Logic, and Digital Performer without a hiccup.

Extra extras Studio One comes brimming with 50+ high-quality effects and 40+ gigs of loops, samples, one-shots, and instruments.


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